Our Story

My journey began when I found this incredible product in the Netherlands. 

Never had I seen a candle taken to a whole new level. 

From the dazzling packaging, to the detailing on the candles, the whole package blew me away.

I just knew this was a product that the UK needed to see and I feel so proud to represent the tochi candle range.

There are so many unique ideas that give you the opportunity to design your own look for your interior.

It takes 3 people to hand make each and every candle and create the incredible texture…. And yes, they really do look good enough to eat. The array of colours is exceptional and will tone, blend and surprise. 

The ranges are under constant development and we look forward to bringing you many exciting new products and fresh looks. 

This is where the story begins and I hope you will join me on this exciting journey.

Hannah x